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    23 Times "Sweet Valley High" Was Basically Porn

    What's come over Jessica?

    1. When Jessica got banged by this '70s gay porn star.

    2. When Elizabeth definitely wasn't faking her orgasms.

    3. When the dick was so bomb it put Elizabeth's friend to sleep.

    4. When Regina found her boyfriend's used cum rag.

    5. When Elizabeth walked in on her boyfriend and his masc top "friend."

    6. When Elizabeth found her sister's new boudoir photos.

    7. When Julie's boyfriend proposed a threesome to turn his roommate gay.

    8. When dicks came in boxes long before Justin Timberlake was on Saturday Night Live.

    9. When there was costume role-play.

    10. When this orgy happened.

    11. When April let two guys Eiffel Tower her.

    12. When Shelley finally found a bottom who could handle her.

    13. When this butch lesbian and her gay friend pretended to be dating to appease their evangelical parents.

    14. When Ken wouldn't admit he was taking anonymous loads in West Hollywood.

    15. When the cover got straight to the point with "What's come over Jessica?"

    16. When the morally corrupt Faye Resnick showed up for a tasteful spread.

    17. When mama was like, "I don't have a gag reflex."

    18. When chains and whips excited Jessica.

    19. When Jessica found herself a nice, self-loathing twink.

    20. When Neil and Andy both showed up at a Sean Cody audition.

    21. When they realized there was a 51st shade of grey.

    22. When the twincest struggle was real.

    23. #SURFBORDT