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Scott Disick Threw Shade At Tyga On His Own TV Show

You might be wondering, Tyga has a show?

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Scott Disick is the shadiest non-Real Housewife of Atlanta in reality TV.

Then, in light of Tyga's leaked dick pics, Scott's following comment could go either way.

Shade or not shade? Probably not. Even Scott can appreciate a good penis.


But he saves his shadiest comment for the end, when he reads Tyga's affinity for gold chains. You see, Tyga's Instagram is even named "kinggoldchains" because he really wants you to know he's Austin Power's nemesis, Goldmember.

But anyway, let's cut Scott some slack. Because we all know the shadiest thing about Kingin' with Tyga is that not a single Kardashian has appeared on the show yet.