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    Ranking Cookie's Outfits In The Second Episode Of "Empire"

    Barack Obama might have yelled at Terrence Howards this week, but Cookie's outfits were once again the best part of Empire.

    How did Taraji P. Henson's looks stack up against her outfits last week? Let's find out:

    5. That "Shake the Man's Hand Daddy and Let's Be On Our Way" Look


    Cookie struts into Lucious' upstate mansion wearing a fur/leather combination and a dashiki someone probably sewed into a dress for her in prison. But that's the outfit you have to wear when you decide to stiff cabbies on their fare.

    4. That "Adriana Got Whacked for Snitching On The Sopranos, You Trying to Get Me Killed?" Look


    Ah, the eternal hip-hop struggle. Do you go to jail for not snitching like Lil Kim or do you skip prison time like T.I. and have managing Iggy Azalea's career be your ultimate karma? Turns out the FBI wants Cookie to testify against Lucious in front of a grand jury — and who doesn't like being kidnapped by the feds when you're wearing an evening gown you borrowed from the set of Dynasty?

    3. That "Have I Wandered Onto a Gay Porn Shoot?" Look


    Apparently Rhonda, Andre's wife, lathers up hot men and takes photos of them. As you do. Rhonda was like, "some white girls got it like that." But girl, #AllLives like leering at half-naked men. Cookie is more than happy to oblige in a cute red miniskirt that's easy to hike up if you need to have impromptu sex with any of these willing models.

    2. That "I Took My Jacket Off Just To Throw This Shoe At You" Look


    We get a full look at Cookie's Kwanzaa dress as she tosses her Steve Madden pumps at Lucious. Luckily, she hired a new assistant named Portia whose sole duty is probably to retrieve things Cookie throws at people.

    And that number one look that slayed the game this week:

    1. That "Sometimes Shit Goes Down When You Wear a Tina Knowles Original on an Elevator" Look


    Cookie is still dressing in her pre-prison clothes, but she absolutely slays in this Destiny's that's apropos for going Solange on a bitch's ass in an elevator.

    What's Cookie wearing next week? Here's a preview:

    View this video on YouTube

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