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22 Things Guaranteed To Make You Happy If You're From Milwaukee

PBR forever.

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1. When you keep cool for the summer with a nice cold PBR.

2. Or enjoying a juicy burger with a PBR.

3. When you love PBR so much you grow your garden in it.

4. When you're at the lake just chillin' with a PBR.

5. When you know PBR is the best damn American beer.

6. When you're rocking PBR swag.

7. When you're on vacay and still need a taste of home.

8. When you live in the Historic Third Ward so you have to drink your PBR out of a mason jar.

9. When you don't go for a swim without your PBR.

10. When this looks like Nirvana.

11. When you're ready for a casual Friday night turn up.

12. When arts n' crafts in all about the only thing you love.

13. When you know PBR is classy AF.

14. When a lazy Sunday with a PBR and your dog is all you need in life.

15. When the only drink a bro needs is PBR.

16. When you only get some exercise if you can have a PBR afterward.

17. When your cat only tolerates you when you're drinking a PBR.

18. When PBR is the backdrop to memories you made with your friends.

19. Because no matter what time it is, it's always PBR o'clock.

20. Pabst Blue Ribbon forever.

22. But only as long as there's PBR.