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    16 Reasons Serial Killers Are Scarier Than You Thought

    Lock your doors.

    1. Not all serial killers are white men.

    The idea that serial killers are white men and geniuses is a creation of film and television. African-Americans make up 20% of serial killers, but it tends to be white men who gain notoriety in popular culture.

    2. Female serial killers aren't misandrists.

    3. Serial killers very rarely taunt the police to get attention.

    4. Not all serial killers are products of dysfunctional and abusive families.

    5. Serial killers are not always loners.

    6. Serial killers can be indistinguishable from other people.

    7. A serial killer will usually kill you by strangulation.

    8. Most serial killers aren't insane.

    9. A serial killer will target their first victim during puberty.

    10. Serial killers don't travel very far.

    11. Serial killers aren't largely motivated by sex.

    12. Most serial killers don't taunt their victims.

    13. Serial killers do murder for money.

    14. Serial killers are widely sought after — for sex.

    15. Serial killers are usually American.

    16. Serial murders hit their peak in the '80s.