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A Dig About A Dead Child Led To One Of The Most Insane TV Scenes Of The '90s

"That's right. I forgot... Your baby died."

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The women have hated each other ever since Sheila's introduction to Y&R in 1990, when she seduced Lauren's husband and got pregnant. Then when Sheila lost the child, she stole a black market baby and swapped it with Lauren's.

Got that? Sheila was wandering around town with a baby that was Lauren's, pretending it was hers. Meanwhile, Lauren thought her baby died (the black market baby Sheila gave her DIED, TOO).

Well, knowing that, you should also know Sheila was upset that her man Scotty was still in love with Lauren.

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But unfortunately for Lauren, she ignited revenge in Sheila, who would later go on to blackmail Lauren, hold her hostage, poison her, blow up a yacht she was on, kidnap her son, and even get plastic surgery to look like her friend.

Watch the entire brawl here.

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