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8 Ways To Be Reality TV Famous With "Made In Chelsea" Star Jamie Laing

There's a reason part-time bad boy Jamie Laing is the best part of Made in Chelsea.

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Love him or hate him, Jamie Laing has been a breakout star of Made in Chelsea for nine seasons.

So we went straight to the source on how to become a successful reality TV star from part-time bad boy Jami Laing.

1. You have to own the fact that you've lucked into it.


"Being on reality is kind of a funny thing. Lots of people don't like it, because they think you've lucked your way into an industry people have worked so hard for. But whatever you do, you have to own it. People are going to criticize you. But you're criticized in every industry."

2. Don't force yourself to be something you're not.


"Made in Chelsea started a trend because it's shot like a drama, it's not that fly-on-the-wall sort of thing. We're a group of friends, all of us have known each other for years. People on other shows fight for airtime and fight for the best storyline, but we don't really care. It's really about a group of friends that grew up together."

3. Have a personal style.

"I always under-dress rather than overdress. I have to be comfortable. I suppose I like, rip my jeans myself, I like a rugged look. I'm not rugged at all... so it's a complete contradiction. My style is a complete contradiction to who I am."

4. Don't filter yourself.


"I don't think, so I say whatever comes into my head. So it gets me in trouble, but I think that's why people relate to me. Because I'm honest. If you're gonna have an argument with someone, have a real argument, don't overthink it."

5. Sometimes you get to be the hero, but you also have to be a villain too.


"You'll get edited, but they're very fair. You get a chance to say whatever you want to say. All of the producers have been the same for years. No one is there to fuck you over, they want to make a great show. And that's sometimes to your demise or prevail, sometimes you're the hero and sometimes you're the villain, but you never blame the editing. You just deal with it."

6. Be original.


"I was always told why fit in, when you're born to stand out? It's probably selfish, but I do what I want to do. That makes you unique in your own way."

7. Be honest.

"I'm super honest. I get myself into trouble because I'm a big people pleaser. But if you're not honest with yourself and you try to play a role, you get called out. All the time. So just be yourself."

8. Plan for the future.


"I was told, 'Jamie you're too posh. People can't relate to you.' So I use Made in Chelsea as a platform so people can get to know the real. It's why I started my YouTube show Jamie's Happy Hour to be silly and have fun. Being privileged kids, you're always given stuff.

And when you get on a reality show, people think everything falls into your lap, so you really have to go out there and fight for want you want. It won't just happen."

Made in Chelsea airs Mondays on E4 in the UK.

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