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    Nov 11, 2014

    28 Reasons 28 Is The Best Year Of Your Life

    Let me hear you say heyyy 28!

    1. You will reach a point where you start thinking of your work not as a job, but as a career.

    Fresh out of college, you were happy to earn a paycheck. Now you're preparing for your thirties.

    2. Your apartment will become more than just a place you sleep.

    It turns into an oasis and you put more care into its appearance.

    3. You will move and love where you live, even if it's not in the immediate vicinity of your friends.

    If you have parties, they will come. If you promise free liquor.

    4. You will upgrade from the cheap, breakable dorm room Ikea furniture of your early twenties to things that actually fit your style aesthetically.

    Furniture that's ALREADY put together when you buy it? That's crazy talk.

    5. You will outgrow friends you made in your early twenties, and it will actually be a relief.

    But it's okay, because you will settle into the friendships you'll have the rest of your life.

    6. Far removed from 21, you will not just down liquor because it's there because you want to be able to function tomorrow.

    UNLESS. You are at an open bar.

    7. No longer eager to make new friends during and after college, FOMO doesn't exist to you.

    You enjoy spending time with yourself and don't constantly need to be at every event you see people tagged in online.

    8. And because you don't feel the need to go out ALL the damn time, when you do turn up, it's more fun.

    Speakers knocking 'til the morning light.

    9. Though you will also feel perfectly fine with turning up solo with a glass of wine or a cocktail after work.

    TV dramas tell you all fancy adults do this, so get your Alicia Florrick on and get a jumpstart on your thirties.

    10. You've seen expenses pile up in your twenties and know adulthood will bring even more, so you start to *gasp* actually save money.

    So you can do things that are weeks, nay, maybe months, years, in advance.

    11. You will become more assured of yourself at work, prompting no fear in asking to be adequately paid for your talents.

    "I'll have the business woman's special."

    12. You will get to experience the pride of taking your parents out to dinner.

    But do remind your parents not to get crazy and order from the happy hour menu.

    13. Some of your friends will get married and you will be grateful to take part in one of the happiest days of their lives.

    You'll be even MORE grateful when it's an affordable, non-destination wedding.

    14. Some of your friends having kids will get your biological clock ticking.

    OTHER people's kids are so cute.

    15. But you also know that you still have time to have kids, you're still in your twenties, after all.

    Correction: Other people's kids are cute in a controlled setting.

    16. Conversely, some people you know will already be divorced and it's evidence that you don't need to rush into anything too quickly. You can take your time, you're still in your twenties.

    You will try to be okay with the fact that you are not getting that wedding gift back.

    17. You will stop trying to fix people.

    People won't be who you want them to be, and if they can't give you want you want, you move on.

    18. Having had six years of post-college dating, you will be more selective.


    Because you've been through a string of unworthy prospects already.

    19. You will start to weed through online dating profiles more seriously to find a long-lasting match for your thirties.

    No, I'm not "up?" unless you mean "up for dinner and drinks that you are paying for."

    20. Your health will become more important to you.

    BuzzFeed / Via Columbia Records

    Not because you care what people think of your appearance, but so you can have a longer life doing the things you love to do.

    21. You will be better at what you eat and have now reached a point where you spend the money on better menu items.

    "Yes, I know guacamole is extra. And I will HAVE IT."

    22. Things your parents used to take care of, like your health insurance and filing your taxes, will become second nature to you.

    A job with insurance cushions the blow that your doctor will not look like Patrick Dempsey.

    23. You've fumbled through good and great sexual partners in your early twenties, so you will be more confident in your sexuality.

    You know what you like and want and aren't afraid to express it confidently.

    24. You will have a renewed excitement in your life because you'll cram in new, exciting adventures before you turn 30.

    BuzzFeed / Via Columbia Records

    You'll have more responsibilities in you thirties, so it's time to get in a last few crazy stories.

    25. You will no longer see your friends EVERY day, but that's what group vacations are for now.

    Ideally, somewhere warm and full of eye candy.

    26. You will start considering your future more, whether that involves yourself or someone you're with.


    If you're dating someone, marriage might be in the cards. Or if you're single? You can make your own life plans until love comes along.

    27. Because your life isn't over after 28, but it's THE year that sets you up for the adult that you're about to become. And that's pretty damn great.

    Your parents MIGHT even start thinking of you as an adult. But probably not.

    28. But the best thing of all, is you still have two more years until you're 30!

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