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    17 Reasons Why Theresa Donovan Should Be Your Role Model

    If this diva from Days of Our Lives (played by Jen Lilley) were real, she'd have more followers than Kim Kardashian.

    1. She's a whiz with modern technology.

    Paper files? Is this the '90s?

    2. She's not a social media downer.

    Please stop talking about your sad life of sales at Macy's.

    3. She knows her personal brand.

    That's how you get that verified Twitter account.

    4. She always serves the GOOD tea.

    None of that reheated gossip we've all heard weeks ago.

    5. She can read you like she's working on her dissertation.

    Read bitches in 2015. Shade is for trees.

    6. She politely addresses everyone by their God-given names.

    Haters to the left.

    7. She reads the news and knows our world is pretty screwed up.

    Have you seen the news? How can you be in a good mood?

    8. She's team #NoNewFriends.

    Fuq a fake friend, where your real friends at?

    9. She's all about getting that paycheck.

    Screw working for the weekend. Work for that post-lunch happy hour.

    10. She doesn't stir the pot, she stirs the drink.

    Why cause drama when you can cause a commotion — on the dance floor?

    11. She knows music is the food of life so #PlayOn.

    She always knows when that new single "My Single Is Dropping" is dropping.

    12. She watches TV's hottest new drama Jane the Virgin.

    Life's a telenovela and we're all just an ingenue in a wheelchair trapped in a fire.

    13. She doesn't see it for flyover states.

    West Coast = Best Coast

    14. No really, she's not about that cold Midwest life.

    Theresa keeps it tropical as fuck.

    15. She's Hellen Keller to the BS.

    She doesn't hear it or see it.

    16. She's always feeling her look.

    17. She knows that men are only useful shirtless.

    Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Baes of Our Lives.

    Here's to you, Theresa! The role model we all need in our lives.