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12 Secrets Plus-Size Models Want You To Know

BuzzFeed spoke to Tess Holliday, Hayley Hasselhoff, Louise O'Reilly, and Nicolette Mason at The Curve Fashion Festival.

1. The plus-size industry is growing around the world.

2. But it could stand to be more diverse.

3. The British high street is a really positive place for plus-size women.

4. But people are less accepting towards plus-size women in the UK in general.

5. Being plus-size does not mean you're unhealthy.

6. And, believe it or not, plus-size models do take care of themselves.

7. People pick on plus-size women because they're an easy target.

8. But surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a really positive step.

9. Fashion is just as important as size.

Richard Manning / BuzzFeed

TH: "I know for a fact that [my] photos are going to go online, and instead of people talking about the amazing outfit I have on, they're going to talk about the fact that I'm unhealthy. Instead of them saying, 'God, I LOVE that!', they're going to focus on my size and that's infuriating."

HH: "I think we're focusing too much on body image and not enough on fashion. We need [plus-size clothes to be] more available, and we need high-fashion retailers to understand that we deserve quality. The fact is, I'm not going into a store to buy body confidence; I'm going into a store to buy clothing that makes me feel confident."

10. In fact, there's a real need for high-quality plus-size clothing.

11. The industry is evolving though.

12. But we need to see more changes in the future.

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