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    24 Problems You Only Have If You Live In Scotland

    Torrential rain in July, blistering heat in September. Fàilte gu Alba.

    1. When the list of nearest stores for you to collect something from could not be any less convenient.

    Iona St. Joseph / Via

    "Oh aye, I'll just nip across to Belfast for it, nae danger."

    2. The fact that there are still no plug sockets on ScotRail trains.

    3. Ceilidh arms.

    Suffering from severe ceilidh arms today. Ouch. #ScottishProblems

    It's fun at the time, but the next day your arms are good for nothing.

    4. When there's a TV show on you want to watch, but it turns out it's only on BBC Two England.

    Giphy / Warner Bros.


    5. Being the only person you know who didn't get tickets to see Kevin Bridges at the Hydro.

    6. Having to make sure you're always stocked up on suncream no matter what time of year it is.

    7. Autocorrect not having a Scottish dictionary.

    Right autocorrect I know what I fucking mean #ScottishProblems

    If you correct "aye" to "ate" one more time, you're getting flushed.

    8. Doing your supermarket shop before the crowds, but realising it's only 9:15am and you can't buy booze.

    Giphy / Bravo

    Damn you, licensing laws.

    9. Confusion around Christmas time as to what constitutes a mince pie.

    Was feeling festive, so I went to @GreggsOfficial and asked for a mince pie... #scottishproblems #gutted

    10. Winter seriously messing up your body clock.

    Warner Bros.

    Oh good, it's pitch dark at 3pm.

    11. Being lied to by weather presenters.

    12. And having to dress for four different seasons in one day.

    Sandals and scarf combo because its minging now and 18 degrees later... #scottishproblems

    Carry your coat around for most of the day, or brave the cold later on?

    13. Having to go back to school in August.

    Giphy / Nickelodeon

    Because the Scottish government hates children.

    14. Getting toasted coconut EVERYWHERE when you eat a Caramel Log.

    15. Being defined by your sausage choices.


    Link or square: Which one are you?

    16. Getting dinghied by your favourite musician.

    when celebs go on a UK tour but leave out scotland... Like helloooo were part of the uk too #scottishproblems

    They go on tour, but the most northerly venue on the list is Sheffield. *Eye roll*

    17. Golf traffic.

    Giphy / Universal

    Ryder Cup happening nearby? Good luck getting anywhere today.

    18. Getting your kilt bags mixed up.

    I think this falls under "#scottishproblems"

    19. Sports matches you want to watch only being available on BBC Alba.

    Giphy / NBC / Via

    Totally would've chosen Gaelic over Spanish at school if it had even been a option.

    20. Not having a national flag emoji.

    It's an insult that Alexander Graham Bell- a Scot- invented the telephone yet Apple won't give us a Scotland flag emoji. Just this shite 🇬🇧

    At least there's a North Korean one though.

    21. Waking up in winter to find the glass of water beside your bed has frozen.

    22. Getting confused between TITP and TTIP.

    Fuck sake. If you don't like T in the Park, don't go, it's as simple as that.

    Who's headlining the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership this year?

    24. And finally, when they close the Forth Road Bridge.

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