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19 Things Only Scottish People Say

Ken whit I mean?"

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1. "Dinnae fash yersel." / Via

What it means: Don't worry about it.

How it's used: "You forgot to post that letter for me? Dinnae fash yersel, hen."

2. "Scratcher" / Via

What it means: Bed.


3. "Haud your wheest." / Via

What it means: Be quiet.

How it's used: "Here! Yous two chattin' at the back! Haud your wheest!"

4. "Messages"

FOX / Via

What it means: Shopping / Groceries.

How it's used: "Morning Jean! That you in for your messages?"

5. "Flittin'" / Via

What it means: Moving house.

How it's used: "There's a van blocking ma driveway, turns oot next door are flittin'."

6. "Doin' ma dinger." / Via

What it means: Annoying.

How it's used: "Man, he's really doin' ma dinger."

7. "Dreich" / Via

What it means: Grey, rainy, drizzling, generally miserable weather.

How it's used: "It's awfy dreich ootside the day."

8. "Crabbit" / Via

What it means: Irritable.

How it's used: "Sorry for shouting at you, I'm fair crabbit at the moment."

9. "Gie me the boak." / Via

What it means: Making you feel nauseous.

How it's used: "I'm so hungover, just the smell of food is gie'n me the boak."

10. "Piece." / Via

What it means: Sandwich or packed lunch.

How it's used: "What have you got in your piece the day?"

11. "Peely wally" / Via

What it means: Pale.

How it's used: "Are you feelin OK? You're looking awfy peely wally."

12. "Hoachin" / Via

What it means: Crowded or swarming.

How it's used: "I went camping last weekend and it was absolutely hoachin' wi' midges."

13. "Jings!" / Via

What it means: Goodness me!

How it's used: "Did you see last night's episode of River City? Jings!"

14. "Gie it laldy." / Via

What it means: To give something 100%.

How it's used: "You were really gie'n it laldy at the karaoke last night!"

15. "Greetin'" / Via

What it means: Crying.

How it's used: "I was pure greetin' all the way through that film."

16. "Lang may yer lum reek!" / Via

What it means: Live long and healthily.

How it's used: "Lang may yer lum reek! Slainte!"

17. "Wains" / Via

What it means: Children.

How it's used: "I can't come out tomorrow, I've got no one to look after the wains."

18. "Braw" / Via

What it means: Beautiful.

How it's used: "She's a braw looking' lassie," or "It's a braw, bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht."

19. "Clipe"

Warner Bros. /

What it means: Tattletale.

How it's used: "I can't believe you grassed me up, ya wee clipe."