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Here's What 10 Different Pairs Of Jeans In The Same Size Look Like From The High Street

Is *anyone* the same size in every shop?

Sometimes I'm convinced that women's clothes sizes in UK high street stores are just made up.

I'm 5'8" and wear a UK size 16 in jeans, and I like them high-waisted and skinny, so that's the size and style I've gone for in each of the shops in order to compare how much the sizes differ between brands.


Marks & Spencer

Size: 16

I’m not really familiar with Marks & Spencer’s jeans selection, so thought I would try on a couple of pairs just to see if there was any difference between the two.

The first pair I tried on (on the left) were from the Limited Edition range and would’ve set me back £39.50. These were a better quality and fit than the Topshop jeans, although they did give me a mild camel toe, which no one wants from their denim.

The second pair I tried on (on the right) were from the Indigo Collection and, despite being the same size as the previous pair, I couldn’t get them done up. They would’ve set me back £22.50, so despite the fact that they didn’t fit, at least they were cheaper. The label also stated that these were "stretchy", but clearly not stretchy enough for my needs.

Miss Selfridge





River Island


New Look

Urban Outfitters

The final retailer I tried was Urban Outfitters, but I couldn't find any jeans in my size in the whole store. As with a lot of the items in their shops, I feel like they are targeted to women of a certain size.

I do shop in Urban Outfitters occasionally, but when I have done it's been mainly tops or accessories that I've bought, and it's very much a random selection of things that fit.

BuzzFeed Life contacted Urban Outfitters for comment, but received no response.