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    37 Reasons To Steer Clear Of Dumfries And Galloway

    More like Dumfries and no way.

    1. Looking for a holiday destination? Don't even consider Dumfries and Galloway.

    Pietrowsky78 / Getty Images

    2. Honestly, it's nothing special.

    Flickr: lezzles

    The village of Kippford.

    3. There are almost no decent sea views.

    Thinkstock / KAppleyard

    Portpatrick harbour at dusk.

    4. In fact, most of the views are horrifying, tbh.

    5. I mean, just look at it.

    Thinkstock / DavidCPhotography

    6. There's absolutely nothing of historic interest here. / Creative Commons

    Drumlanrig Castle, Thornhill.

    7. Nothing at all.

    8. If anything, there are probably too many castles.

    9. YUCK.

    10. Get out of my face, you stone monstrosity.

    Thinkstock / rogerpilkington

    Caerlaverock Castle, Dumfries.

    11. If only there were some links to famous Scots, it might be OK.

    Flickr: remedy451 / Creative Commons

    12. Sadly, no one famous comes from Dumfries and Galloway.

    Flickr: rarvesen

    Calvin Harris performing in Austin, Texas.

    13. The towns are visually offensive.

    Thinkstock / Cloud77

    Houses and boats in Kirkcudbright.

    14. Just revolting.

    Thinkstock / StockSolutions

    Devorgilla Bridge over the River Nith, Dumfries.

    15. You'll struggle to find somewhere decent to eat.

    16. I mean, who's even interested in award-winning fish-and-chip shops?

    17. And towns that are famed for their sweet produce.

    Flickr: noodlepie / Creative Commons

    18. You'll struggle to find well crafted, locally made beverages.

    19. There's absolutely nothing to do here either.

    Ross Gilmore / Getty / Via

    The Wickerman Festival, Dundrennan.

    20. Nothing at all.

    Flickr: pathlost / Creative Commons

    21. Seriously, if you're looking for excitement, you should head elsewhere.

    The human slingshot at Laggan Outdoor. Watch the video of how it works here.

    22. I mean, yawn.

    23. Culture is practically non-existent.

    Flickr: conner395 / Creative Commons

    Massed pipe bands at the British Pipe Band Championships in Annan.

    24. As is the selection of wildlife that you might be able to spot.

    Flickr: gideonc / Creative Commons

    An otter at Dormont Lake.

    25. And there's absolutely nothing educational here either.

    Flickr: lizsmith

    The Devil's Porridge museum at Eastriggs.

    26. It's just so boring.

    Flickr: bobsfever / Creative Commons

    Dumfries Agricultural Show.

    27. There's no chance of seeing exotic plants in the region.

    28. And no peace and quiet either; it's so densely populated.

    Flickr: bobsfever

    The road to Grey Mare's Tail nature reserve, Moffat.

    29. There are people EVERYWHERE.

    30. Being able to see the aurora sucks.

    Flickr: jixxer / Creative Commons

    31. But it's OK, because you can barely see the night sky at all.

    Thinkstock / GOLF3530

    The aurora and Milky Way over Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park.

    32. If sport's your thing, you're out of luck.

    Flickr: bobsfever / Creative Commons

    RSAC Scottish Rally, Heathhall, Dumfries.

    33. Especially mountain biking. There's nothing for you here.

    Flickr: julesn

    7Stanes at Kirroughtree.

    34. It's truly baffling that anyone would want to come on holiday here.

    Thinkstock / creativenaturemedia

    Barend Holiday Village, Loch and Lodges.

    35. Because it really is gross.

    Flickr: bethmoon527 / Via

    The view from Rockcliffe beach.

    36. There's absolutely no way you'd want to be roped into visiting.

    Flickr: johnspooner / Via

    View of the Cairnsmore of Fleet from the Fell of Barhullion.

    37. In short, you should never, ever come here.

    Mike63 / Getty Images

    You'll just be disappointed.

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