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    • InveniamViam

      I get what you’re saying, definitely, but pointing it out unfortunately doesn’t make one or the other go away.Iwish it would, but it doesn’t. At this point in time, women are way more objectified than men.Ithink it can be ‘refreshing’ to see the tables turned, even if it’s not the right thing to do. Women being objectified isamuch bigger problem than men being objectified right now.Ihave yet to hear ofaman who has developed an eating disorder, for instance, asaresult of being constantly pumped this kind of awful propaganda. Men certainly have other problems (mostIbelieve personally are unfortunately brought on themselves with their societal pressure to compete over such stupid things as, for instance, penis size) and society is by no means easy on men either, but men’s problems seem to be more ofacompetition related thing while women’s problems seem to feel like more ofavictimization kind of thing. Women don’t generally put pressure on men regularly every day in the way men put pressure on women to be sexy and perfect (except this article!). Men also put pressure on other men to supposedly boost their own self confidence. This may negate all I’ve written, but from whatIunderstand, it isafact that staying in shape and building muscle is easier for men than it is for women just because of physiology/testosterone.Idon’t like or read those feminist articles-to me they tend to be flawed in many ways, though there definitely is something wrong going on in terms of how women are treated. AsIsaidIalso think men put unnecessary pressures on each other as well. Anyway point is, to me, it does feel good to see the tables turnedabit foramoment, that was fun—so now let’s work on getting over the miserable ways both genders treat each other.

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