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    King Of The Internet

    King of the Internet Amit Kataria from Houston

    Amit Kataria, the King of the Internet, has issued a Royal Decree to keep the Internet free & safe for all and he has put all the information on his website

    Royal Decree by the King of the Internet Amit Kataria:

    Article 1: There shall be no more malware. If anyone is caught creating computer virus, spyware or any malicious software, they shall be imprisoned.

    Article 2: There shall be no censorship on the internet. No IP address blocking, no DNS filtering or redirection, no network disconnection or any other kind of censorship.

    Article 3: There shall be no identity theft - everyone's personal information on the Internet shall be safe. If anyone is caught stealing someone's personal information and then use it without their permission, they shall be imprisoned.

    Article 4: There shall be fast & free high speed internet for all. Everyone should be able to see "FreeInternet" on their Wi-Fi settings and should be able to connect to 20 Mbs internet from anywhere at any time.

    Article 5: There shall be no spamming. Anyone caught sending e-mail spam, instant messaging spam, social networking spam, mobile spam or any other kind of spam shall be fined.

    Article 6: There shall be no hacking. Anyone caught password cracking, denial of service attack, packet sniffing, spoofing attack or any other kind of hacking shall be imprisoned.

    Article 7: There shall be no annoying video or pop up ads. The ads can run on the side and can still be seen while the contents can be enjoyed.

    Article 8: There shall be no phishing scams. Anyone caught creating fake website, sending fake emails or making fake phone calls to lure unsuspecting public & then use their information for stealing money shall be imprisoned.

    Article 9: There shall be one standard in all websites & interoperability between different programs to make browsing experience pleasant.

    Article 10: This decree shall take effect on Dec 1, 2013.