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The "B" List

A list of why being the best isn't always possibly, however trying your best is.

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1. There is always going to be someone out there just slightly better at something than you are, it's okay, your mom will still love you!

2. There is a high chance your sibling will outshine you at something or another, so let them. At their wedding one day, you'll have a grand opportunity to get back at em!

3. Stop focusing on being something your not. You'll find what you really excel at, is done with honestly and pride.

4. When you do spot that over-achiever in class or work, just hit em' with the look. You'll be praised for it, I assure you.

5. Last, but not least, remember to be yourself. This is where TRUE beauty is found. (Heck, just look at Beyonce)

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