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    Much More Than a Port o’ Call. Land ho!

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    Alaska is one of the most popular cruise destinations today; and for good reason. The scenery alone makes one hold their breath in awe. Yet Alaska is so much more than a magnificent view. Spend your Alaska vacation on land and experience the wonders only Alaska affords.

    Tree, Tree, Tree, Moose!

    Exploring Alaska by car or RV provides a relaxed, unscheduled mode of transportation and an opportunity to experience the magnificent countryside at your own pace.

    RV rentals are easy to secure in most cities with many campgrounds available on major highways. Port to port access is obtainable on the Alaska Marine Highway via auto ferry for RVs and cars as well. Check out The Milepost; a comprehensive trip planner and guide for all things Alaska.

    You will travel miles and miles of roadway lined with noble trees that never seem to end. Fresh air, beautiful blue skies, bright purple fireweed peppered along the roadside, amazing waterfalls springing into view, and unexpected wildlife up close and personal. Alaska doesn't get any better than this.

    If driving is not your forte, see Alaska by rail. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

    5 Memory Making Alaska Adventures

    Alaska is not short on outdoor adventure. From fly fishing, river boat cruising, and kayaking to skiing, hiking, and mountain biking; there is something for everyone; sightseer or skilled thrill seeker.

    1. Experience Alaska at 20,320 feet! Mt. McKinley flight-seeing is a must and will by far be your fondest memory. The top of Mt. McKinley's snowy white peaks splashed with aquamarine pools is breathtaking. Flights over Denali National Park will uncover the vast expanse of the park, wildlife, and ice walls unable to be seen from the ground. Custom, remote base-camp treks are also available.

    2. Denali National Park and Preserve: Park Road; highly recommended. The 8 hour, 91 mile tour of the park is spectacular. Many photo opportunities present themselves as rivers and wildlife abound along the way. This is a great way to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. Watch for caribou, blonde grizzlies, fox, lynx, dall sheep and much more.

    3. Fly fishing at its finest. Novice fishermen and expert anglers alike take flight from all over the world to the peacefulness of the Alaskan wilderness. Fly-in fishing lodges offer remote access to luxury retreats and guided fishing outings. Your catch of the day may include trout, salmon, arctic char, grayling, or northern pike.

    4. Wildlife catamaran tours provide spectacular views of the Alaskan coastline, glaciers and fjords. Mammal and bird sightings are plentiful throughout the cruise. From whales and sea otters to bald eagles and horned puffins; this tour will not disappoint.

    5. If you are traveling with children a stop at the North Pole will be a delight. A suburb of Fairbanks, this 4.2 square mile town is dressed to the nines with Christmas decor year round. Holiday named streets adorned with candy cane street lights make this town a vision in red and white. Visit Santa's reindeer, have a cup of Mrs. Claus' cocoa, and talk to Santa himself any time of year. The smile will never leave your child's face.

    Best Time to Visit

    For optimum daylight hours, mid-May to mid-September is the best time to visit Alaska. June 21st is the longest day of the year with daylight lasting 18 - 22 hours. If you want to avoid rainfall, May is the best time to go. As the summer progresses, rainy days become more frequent.

    Rain or no rain, if you are on a mission to experience the Northern Lights; late September to early April is your window of opportunity.

    A visit to our 49th state should be on everyone's bucket list. Alaska's beauty of landscape and its people are not to be missed.

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