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    How to Plan an Imperfect Wedding

    Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding. The quest to make that dream a reality, however, is often laced with stress, disappointment, and tears. Strive for imperfection and save yourself a lot of grief!

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    Which road will you take?

    If you are about to embark on a wedding planning journey and have the picture-perfect wedding in mind, either stop reading now or follow these steps in reverse. The devil is in the details when it comes to planning a wedding. Skip any one of these steps and you just may end up with a perfect wedding.

    The Wedding

    Whoever said, "so much to do and so little time", never planned an imperfect wedding. You have all the time in the world.

    Wedding experts say you should start planning your wedding 12 to 16 months in advance. Of course, they are planning the perfect wedding. Not our goal here. Besides, we are a culture which demands instant gratification. Even though instant gratification may end up being a drive-through wedding in Vegas because every other place was already booked; who wants to read Brides Magazine for a year?

    When you do start planning, pay special attention to the wedding music; it is very important. It sets the mood, adds ambiance to the ceremony, reflects your personality, and gets the ball rolling.

    Most churches and venues have a list of people who can provide piano or organ pieces for weddings. Don't meet them or listen to them play, and be sure to let them choose the music for you. It's what they do, and this process is very time consuming. Time that is better spent on the beach or at the pool getting a tan for the big day.

    Hey, Perfect Patty, if you're still reading, stop rolling your eyes. Every church pianist knows how to play "Here Comes the Bride". They also have at least one slow, romantic song in their arsenal to play as the happy couple exits the building. Only perfect wedding seekers spend hours choosing a personal song to walk down the aisle to and an upbeat exit song to get the party started.

    The Reception

    Speaking of parties, we all know the best and most important part of any wedding is the reception. And the best reception focuses on location, location, location. Oh, and food.

    Everyone loves surprises, right? Risk takers, or brides who fail to have a backup plan, wouldn't even think of choosing and booking a reception venue with a company which offers venue insurance. After all, it's only money.

    When striving for imperfection, take a leap of faith and fill your wedding day with the element of surprise! The reception hall just might be double booked and someone beat you to it, the venue could possibly burn down two days before your wedding date, or the perfect place you picked may go bankrupt and leave a note for you on the door the day of. Chances of getting your hefty deposit back - slim to none. Yes, true stories.

    By all means, don't taste the wedding cake or reception food ahead of time! These people know what they're doing; they've been catering weddings and baking cakes for years. Keep working on that tan instead. Remember, imperfection = surprise.

    Let's talk seating charts for a minute. If there are divorced parents who shoot daggers at each other every time they see each other; seat them at the same table. How imperfect, and maybe a little entertaining, would that be?!

    Imperfect weddings, where every tear is a happy one! No stress, a great tan, and twelve toasters to open; because imperfect brides don't register either.

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