24 Signs You’re Suffering From #Instacurity

Instacurity (n.): An excessive concern with one’s social media presence, influence, and/or likeability. You know the type. The person who’s constantly checking their smartphone for notifications. The one who can’t eat a meal without taking a photo first. The girl who hashtags everything. And the guy who won’t follow a girl he’s dating, because he’s afraid it will ruin his following-to-follower ratio. These are the victims of #instacurity. The question is, do you suffer too?

1. You PURPOSELY send Facebook messages instead of texts or emails, JUST so you know the exact time it was “seen.”

2. You “recycle” whenever your Instagram photo doesn’t get enough likes.

Remove. Refilter. Repost.

3. You #hashtag your text messages.

4. You take it personally when you follow someone and they don’t follow back.

5. You commit the sin of Usernamedropping.

6. You spend 30 minutes debating between Lo-Fi and X-Pro II, only to decide on #nofilter.

7. You constantly second-guess whether you’d have gotten more likes on a photo had you just gone with the OTHER filter.

8. You think that your browser is broken when no new Facebook notifications appear after you hit refresh.

9. When your Klout score drops, so does your self-esteem.

10. You treat “likes” as charity, and sometimes consider giving a sub-par status a “like” as your good deed for the day.

11. The mere fact that you know that Instagram limits you to 30 hashtags…

12. …as well as the fact that you know which hashtags are the most popular and get you the most likes. #onedirection


13. Everytime you get a new Twitter follower, you stalk their “following” list to ensure you’re in good company.


14. You delete any photos or statuses that don’t get a minimum number of likes in a certain amount of time.

15. Your biggest fear if your phone is lost or stolen? The fact that your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is in SOMEONE ELSE’S HANDS!!


16. You’d never be Instagrammed in the same outfit twice.

17. Your camera roll is filled with selfies that just didn’t make the cut.

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18. You get offended when someone doesn’t know what a #selfie is.


19. When driving, you actually hope to hit every red light…JUST so you can check your notifications.

20. Your first instinct after getting in a car accident isn’t to call 911, but rather, to tweet about it.

21. You pick your social outings based on whichever is more Tweet-worthy and Instagrammable.

22. When going out, you decide which friends you @-mention based on who has the most followers.

23. You post vague status updates like “Feeling blessed…” or “Everything happens for a reason…” just because you want people to comment, inquire, and MOST importantly…like.


24. You join BuzzFeed Community just to promote your new project about social media insecurities… #instacurity

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