30 Reasons Tracy Is The Best Person Ever

It’s Tracy’s 30 Birthday!!! Here are 30 reasons she’s SO AWESOME.

1. She loves to dance.

Werk it gurl.

2. She really cares about animals and saves so many of them.

No matter how insignificant they are.

Like this cotty she found under a car.

And these she found under a lawn mower.


And this frog she saved from drowning.

though I think frogs can swim….

And these are just two of the rescue buttholes she and her hubs have saved.

+ 4 more cats and a dog (RIP Gigi)

3. She’s really good at hula hooping.

In Target. During a Hurricane.

4. She loves taking selfies.

5. She’s really great at golf.

Just look at how she holds the club!

6. She knows exactly how to eat a NY slice.

(folded in half, duh!)

7. She has fabulous eyebrows.

8. And an even better mustache.

Gives great mustaches, too.

Awesome mustache giver

9. She has a healthy competitive side.

Except when it’s flip cup.


10. She can multitask.

11. And is so handy. Look she can change a light bulb.

12. She’s a very safe driver.

13. She makes friends with strangers.

And homeless people…

14. She looks awesome in sunglasses.

15. She believes in grammar.

16. She’s fashion forward.

Tracy on the right but also purchased the ones on the left.

She’s not afraid to color block.

17. She knows her way around a kitchen.

18. She’s a really good drawer.

19. She’s an excellent stretcher.

Just stretching, sir.

20. She makes cute faces like this.

21. But then sometimes makes faces like these, too.

silently judging

22. But, in general, she’s very, very prit.

23. Even without a top lip.

24. She’s also really funny.

25. And honest.

26. She gives great dating advice.

always looking out

27. She’s super fit and into physical activity stuffs.


28. But because she’s so awesome, she knows the importance of treating yourself once in awhile!

29. And she may or may not be a zombie.

possibly best ever

30. And these.

SO HAPPY BIRFFFDAY MF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ah law ewe!

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