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JCP's Embarrassing Social Media Campaign For OK

Save a life with a share! Ugh.

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When, oh when, will they learn...? This is a bad idea.

JCPenney Facebook page / Via Facebook: jcp

Yesterday, JCPenney took to their social media accounts, encouraging Facebook users to "share" their post in an effort to raise money to benefit victims in Moore, OK. JCP pledged to donate one dollar to the American Red Cross for each "share" up to $50,000 (or 50,000 shares).

Fortunately for the people of Oklahoma, the goal was reached within 2 hours.

So... although the company clearly had $50,000 to donate... would they have only donated $30,000 if only 30,000 people shared their post?

Using natural disasters as a means to increase social media presence...

Country singer Blake Shelton got in on the action, sharing the post on his fan page to more than 4.4 million Facebook users.

Blake Shelton Facebook page / Via Facebook: blakeshelton

CRAZY IDEA, I know, but maybe they could just donate the $50,000...?

[Note the feeling that there's a gun to your head... "SHARE THIS POST OR WE WON'T HELP THESE PEOPLE IN NEED!" It almost makes you miss the days of chain-letter emails, where the worst thing that happened was that a ghost would visit you in the middle of the night if you didn't pass the email on to at least 10 friends.]

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