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    • ingerw

      Dear internet community.
      Your call for decency from this people have sadly turned in to the most indecent and inhumane treatment of people and this case is an internet lowpoint.
      Inacivilized society there are formal channels for complaints on bad service and reporting crime. There should be little use for .. Idk.. 15 000 000 (?*wild guess*) renegades going all bloodrage on the internet. You join the pack, going for the kill, without considering any consequences.
      It is obvious that something is off for someone to behave so irrational (by thatImean crazy), but mental illness is illness just likeabroken foot. It needs mending. What you guys are doing is destruction. There is nothing constructive here at all.
      If presented to an angry person, or lets say, crazy person..-Why become an angry crazy person yourself?
      Stay decent and have compassion. Especially when criticizing someone for lacking just that.

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