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    A Pastry Chef Reviewed 5 Cakes From A Box Mix And Kept It All Too Real

    Think outside the box.

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    Cake is cake is cake. I mean, there's really no such thing as bad cake, is there?

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    Many would argue that some are just better than others.

    Watch a pastry chef review popular boxed cake mix!

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    And that's where Pastry Chef Zac Young came in, who's the pastry director at Craveable Hospitality Group.


    "I've been a pastry chef for 12 years, and today...I'm eating cake out of a box." He agreed to rate five types of cake (so we wouldn't have to).

    First up was a good old-fashioned Pillsbury Yellow Cake. He thought the texture was great and that it was moist. Like, impossibly moist.


    "This is your base model box of cake. It's basic and everyone can have it."

    Next up was a Betty Crocker Spice Cake. Chef Zac thought the taste was really good, not too strong, with just a hint of nutmeg.


    But the cake itself was unnervingly damp, and he thought the texture was oddly crumbly.

    Then there was a Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake, which he thought kind of felt like a loofah. Ha!


    Chef Zac thought it didn't taste fake, and it wasn't overly sweet. "This is a pretty classic red velvet cake. It's just a vehicle to get cream cheese frosting into my mouth."

    And there had to be some chocolate. He tried the Cissé Chocolate Cake up next, which he thought tasted like cheap Halloween candy (which he kinda liked).


    "I pretend to be sophisticated, but, um, I'm really garbage." LOL! Really, guys — it's freakin' chocolate. How can it be bad?

    Last (and perhaps least), was the Foodstirs Organic Simply Sweet Vanilla Cake. He thought it was dense, it didn't have webbing, and it didn't look spongey.


    He did like the flavor. It tasted like real vanilla and real butter.

    His parting words: "If you can mess up making a box cake mix, it's not you — it's the cake mix."