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    Top 22 Viral Memes About Boys! A Must Read For Anyone Raising One

    Time to challenge the old stereotypes about manhood!

    1. We Need To Teach Boys That Being “A Girl” Is Not An Insult.

    2. And That Playing Like A Girl Is Not An Insult Either. Because Girls Are Awesome!

    3. All Boys Are “All Boy”

    4. But They Should Not Get Away With Bad Behaviour Just Because They Are Boys

    5. We Believe In Men, Their Maturity And Compassion

    6. But We Need To Teach Them Young That The Man Box Belongs In The Middle Ages

    7. We Need To Teach Boys To Respect Women / Via unknown

    8. We Need To Teach All Children About Body Autonomy / Via unknown

    9. And We Need To Redefine Manhood

    10. We Need To Showcase More Multidimensional Men and Boys In Media

    11. Because Men And Boys Can Be Nurturing Too

    12. They Can Enjoy Pink And Sparkling Things…

    13. And Little Ponies…

    14. And Princesses…

    15. And Dolls…

    16. And Dancing… / Via unknown

    17. And Those Interests Say Nothing About Their Sexuality Or Gender Expression. But Whatever They Turn Out To Be. IT IS OK! / Via unknown

    18. And By The Way… Boys and Men Can Be PRETTY TOO ;)

    19. Ensure Your Sons See Movies and Read Books With Female Leads and Role Models

    20. And Remember Equality Will Not Be Reached Without The Full Support Of Good Men

    21. And One Day Soon We Will Be Using The Expression “Boys Will Be Boys” To Describe This:

    22. We leave you with a smile. Muah!

    Via unknown

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