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David Arquette's Glory Hole Gets Herself A Milkshake [PHOTOS]

You know David Arquette already has a mental image of this picture burned into his brain forever. Only his vantage point was as he was looking down at her and there wasn’t any fruit involved. BAM. You know, it’s a sad day, even by Hollywood standards, when you are famous because you screwed some guy who is married to Courteney Cox. To parlay that into a career is almost shameful, or I’m just not entrepreneurial enough. I don’t know. Surprise, surprise Jasmine Waltz is an aspiring actress. Who knew? By the way, the name of her milkshake? Jasmine’s Sinful Delight. A lot of people think this chick looks like a younger version of Courteney, but I also think there is a slight Megan Fox resemblance as well. Don’t get me wrong, this girl is very beautiful, but self-respect goes a long way. She should try some. What do you think? Pictures

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