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  • JR Celski Tattoo Is Both Philippine And Polish

    After his disqualification in the semifinals of the 1000m short track speedskating event at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, JR Celski unzipped his suit and revealed a large tattoo on his upper left chest. Filipinos and Filipino-Americans were quick to note that the basic design was that of the sun and star combination from the flag of the Philippines. What wasn’t so widely noted was that within the sun pattern is the coat of arms of the Republic of Poland. Read more about the tattoo.

  • Being In Iraq Blows

    Ryan Conklin, from MTV’s The Real World Brooklyn, humorously sings about what it feels like to be an American soldier in Iraq. The only good thing is Maxim magazine (for making yourself happy while sitting in the port-a-potty). Watch Video ›

  • Ryan Conklin On R&R In NYC

    During Ryan Conklin’s two week Army R&R leave in September, 2009, he spent time with former Real World Brooklyn roommate Scott Herman in NYC. On his last day in New York, Ryan did an ad-lib video scene with Scott, sitting on a park bench near Scott’s apartment and talking about Ryan’s plan for his YouTube channel when he returns home from Iraq.

  • Real World Brooklyn Ryan Conklin Gives Thanks From Iraq

    In a guard tower in Baghdad, Iraq, Ryan A. Conklin made a video message for his many fans to let them know how he is doing. He apologized for not creating one sooner as he would liked to have done, but he was understandably busy with his duties as a U.S. Army infantryman and this was his earliest opportunity. His main message was straightforward: “I’m doing good. You know, I make the best out of the situation that’s given. I still smile at little things everyday that keep me going.”

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