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    You Know You're An Indian Head Camp Lifer When

    Terms only Indian Head Lifers will understand.

    1. This sign makes you happier than anything else in the world!!!

    2. Once you've tried a Butchee Cookie, nothing else is that appealing!!

    3. Baked snake is on the menu for every meal.

    4. The weather is always sunny because rainy days are just: LIQUID SUNSHINE!!

    5. Nancy Tucker is the closest you'll ever get to a celebrity.

    6. You run whenever you see anyone in camouflage because color chase is always on your mind.

    7. This is the view you wake up to every morning!!

    8. This place becomes your best friend when you have an activity period you don't like ...

    9. When someone says "How you doin!?!" you know that "Ohhh yeahhhhhh" is coming shortly after that.

    10. You thank your parents everyday for giving you a summer birthday!!

    11. Where else do you get a personal song for losing your tooth!?

    12. You know that the second verse of Rock My Soul ALWAYS wins.

    13. You know that the best kind of sunsets are the ones that set over Price Pond.

    14. You've been to a spa more than anyone else in the world because your bunk turns into one every rest hour.

    15. It's always a competition to see who will have the biggest bracelet tan line.

    16. All of your meals are based around waiting for the salad bar sign to go up.

    17. You would do just about anything in the world to get a ride on the golf cart.

    18. You've had this frisbee thrown at you once or twice, whether or not Dave actually meant to throw it to you.

    19. You'll never feel the need to climb the Eiffel Tower because you've already completed the IHC tower.

    20. You've tried to be sneaky and get a third cookie at milk and cookies but failed miserably when you still had chocolate all over your mouth.

    21. You automatically think of "Shake, Shake, Shake, Senora" when you see this picture. You can't start your day without it.

    22. You've acquired a taste for SoyNut Butter and now you may even like it better than Peanut Butter.

    23. You've thought of every possible bribe in the book to get your counselors to take you to Butchie's window/ door (whatever it is these days).

    24. You assume that Sing or Olympics is breaking out every time a car drives by on 191.

    25. Having the trendiest stationary in town is what makes Red Letter Day exciting!

    26. How would you know when to take "all hats off" without the man, the myth, the legend NALA LEMES.

    27. The thrill of cutting the Chicken Kiev in half at banquet never gets old.

    28. Feeling sick? Cepacol is ALWAYS to the rescue.

    29. You know that camp hours are not actually 60 minutes (rest hour/ shower hour are way less than that).

    30. Has it ever NOT been a beautiful day in Honesdale, PA?

    31. Your counselor's last names are irrelevant ... Mikey who? Oh Mikey Basketball!!

    32. Rolling up in this is like a celebrity rolling up in a limo.

    33. You gain an extra bunkmate after Dorney when you win a stuffed animal twice the size of you.

    34. Fourth of July always means fireworks and firecracker popsicles!

    35. Nancy Tucker taught you what shower caps are actually supposed to be used for.

    36. You choose your spot at the meal table wisely to sit closest to the person doing the sponging game.

    37. Knowing you got to this see guy, always brightened your day!

    38. You count the steps every time you walk up them and somehow manage to get a different number each time.

    39. You've gotten your fair share of candy here BUT more importantly this is the hot spot during free play: BERNARD'S SPELLING BEE!!!!

    40. You look forward to general swim when you get to scream DOUBLE TROUBLE IN A BUBBLE 8!!

    41. Sitting in the "sibling box" during Rope Burn and Pioneering is as VIP as you'll ever get in your life.

    42. The first day of Olympics always means one thing: PIZZA STICKS FOR LUNCH!!

    43. You enter this building with no idea what you want to do, but walk out with 3 mirrors, 2 jewelry cases, a stuffed animal, a blackboard, 15 necklaces, paint all over you, a wax hand, 3 candles and a present to give to every family member on Visiting Day!

    44. You've mastered the "put the grilled cheese under your plate so you can get another one" strategy at lunch.

    45. Seeing how Joel's hand will rate your spirit flagpole is more stressful than getting back a grade on any exam in school.

    46. You feel like the luckiest camper in the world when your 3rd period activity is close to The Lodge because you get to be the first bunk to get to lunch.

    47. You know that this is the only place in the world where you can get over 600 campers to be silent for 30 seconds (besides that one person that must cough).

    48. Just seeing this picture brings tears to your eyes.

    49. This sign gives you the chills because it reminds you of the millions of memories you've made at camp.

    50. The second you get home from camp, the countdown begins again until the busses roll into camp next summer.