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    The Most Hilarious Food Network Recipes Of All Time

    None of them are Guy Fie -- okay, at least one of them is Guy Fieri.

    Robin Miller's Carrot-Ginger Salad

    Robin Miller, your carrot-ginger salad sure is genius.

    Paula Deen's English Peas

    Paula Deen wants to make sure you know how to make peas out of... peas.

    Rachael Ray's "Late Night Bacon"

    Coming soon, Rachael's recipe for "Leaving the Bar in search of Cheese Fries."

    Baked Potato

    Best comment on this one: "My oven is broken. Will the baking part still work if I wrap the potatoes in foil and put them out in the sun?"

    Dark Chocolate As A Snack

    Ellie Krieger's world-renowned dark chocolate recipe was cryptically changed to "Cherry Almond Chocolate Clusters," but it still shows up in its original format on Food Network's site search (and was screenshotted in infamy.)

    Bobby Flay's Spanish Cheese Board

    Just put all that s*** on a plate, son.

    Waffle Breakfast Fries

    Dip In The Sea

    Did anyone check this guest chef's credentials? Or maybe salty corn is better than I'd imagine.

    Michael Chiarello's Old World Fruit Bowl On Ice

    Definitely serving this as the only food at my next dinner party, along with some Bud Light Limes guests have to open themselves using only their pinky fingers.

    Honorable Mention:

    Because no seriously, what is a guidolive.

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