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    A Day At The Mall In 2001

    Don't act like you never got kicked out of a Spencer's...

    School's out for the day... What are you going to do now? Obvi, you're going to go to the mall.

    Grab three of your friends! This is going to be fun.

    Let's go to Yankee Candle and smell the candles!

    Almost asphyxiate on scented tarts! Let's get out of here.

    Whew! You need to stop for a pretzel.

    Get the cinnamon sugar one, obviously.

    Dash into Bath & Body Works to stock up on more Sun-Ripened Raspberry lotion.

    Your friend wants to get a second hole pierced in her ears...

    You go to Claire's instead, but your friend chickens out anyway.

    Time to giggle as you pass this one.

    Duck in here and stock up on some logo tees.

    You really want to get that Destiny's Child CD. Better hit the music store.

    Consider finally springing for one of those CD openers next to the register, because those things are so flinging flanging hard to open.!ByVivDQBWk~$%28KGrHqR,!joEw5Tue%28BhBMRQ8ZeyS!~~_35.JPG

    Your friend drags you into Spencer's, even though you think it's dumb.

    You almost buy a lava lamp.

    But you and your friends ROFL at the food section and almost get thrown out.

    Laugh at the people getting their hair done here, even though you did it four years ago and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

    Your one friend loves this place, so you all go in while he buys a "Beauty and the Beast" figurine.

    Ew, you can't stand the smell wafting out of this store. WTF!

    Buy your prom date a pink button-down at Express Men, after your friends talk you into it.

    Make fun of 5.7.9....

    ...and the tacky evening dresses in the window at Caché.

    Go into Godiva but don't buy anything, annoying the salespeople.

    Your sister's birthday is coming up. Stop and get her a silver box engraved with her name on it. (Be proud of how expensive it is!)

    Try on some crop tops here...

    Go in here laughing like you're shopping there ironically, but secretly, you like their band T-shirts.

    Time to hit the food court!

    Head straight to person handing out free samples of bourbon chicken...

    See how many free samples on toothpicks you can get before she realizes you keep walking by over and over.

    Noooo, Mom calls and she's ready to come get you!

    But it's OK. You'll be back soon enough.