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    9 Eye-Popping Photos From Taiwan's "Modern Toilet" Restaurant

    Asia's hottest dining experience wipes out the competition.


    The first Modern Toilet, which debuted in 2004, was so successful that its owner has now opened up 12 different locations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Japan, with plans to expand into Malaysia.


    Diners sit on toilet-shaped seats and eat at tables made by putting glass over the top of a bathtub. Need a napkin? Grab one from the toilet roll dispenser on the wall.


    Drinks are served in glasses shaped like urinals. (You get to take them home!)


    Meals like hot pots and curries are served in miniature plastic toilet bowls.


    Not sure what's in that swirly container.


    Dessert is also served in toilet-shaped bowls and is designed to look like, well, you know.


    Desserts at Modern Toilet include “diarrhea with dried droppings (chocolate ice cream), “bloody poop” (strawberry ice cream), and “green dysentery” (kiwi-flavored ice cream which is, yep, green) — plus, this shaved ice dessert, which comes in a squat toilet-shaped bowl.


    Flickr: eazy360

    Be sure to pick up some souvenirs before you go.

    9. Would you try it?