28 Nostalgic Things Only People Who Played Neopets Will Remember

    Your old Neopets? They're probably dead. But this will bring some new life to your memories.

    1. Carefully choosing the species and color of your new Neopet.

    2. Hoarding Neopoints like it was your job.

    3. Obsessively refreshing the Money Tree page to see what free items you could get.

    4. Trolling for an elusive paint brush in the Marketplace and paying handsomely for it.

    5. Playing Tombola everyday, only to get the most random and useless prizes.

    6. Cruising Neopia Central for food or toys for your precious Neopet.

    7. Haggling with the shopkeepers and having to do the kid version of CAPTCHA to buy what you wanted.

    8. Scouting out your next visit using the Neopia map.

    9. Basically becoming an amateur HTML coder while setting up your shop.

    10. Constantly clearing our your inventory because you could only hold 50 items.

    11. Playing every game possible to try to win as many NPs as possible.

    12. Spinning the Wheel of Excitement.

    13. Stuffing your pets in the Neolodge when you knew you'd be away for a few days.

    14. Visiting Healing Springs after a death match with another Neopets user in the Battledome.

    15. Joining — or starting — a guild of likeminded players.

    16. Finally getting the bat in Kass Basher.

    17. Visiting the giant omelette and hoping to snag a slice.

    18. Visiting Coltzan's Shrine, hoping to hit it big.

    19. Sliding into your crush's NeoMail.

    20. Grooving to the soundtracks from your favorite games.

    21. Trying the "Featured Game," which was always some unplayable monstrosity nobody had ever heard of.

    22. Buying overpriced scratch cards at the Scratch Card Kiosk, usually to only come up empty.

    23. Going into the Rainbow Fountain, hoping to snag a paint brush.

    24. You played the Fruit Machine every day.

    25. Hiding all of your NPs in the Bank.

    26. Going on a wild goose chase for a Faerie Quest.

    27. Logging in after weeks to find your Neopet is dying.

    28. And finally, begging your parents to buy you Neopets Merch with actual, real-life money.