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    25 T-Shirts That Are Guaranteed To Get You In The Mood For Fall

    Trick or treat yo' self to one of these t-shirts!

    1. This shirt for basic witches only

    2. A purple shirt for anyone who thinks they might be the 4th Sanderson sister

    3. A cross-stitch style skeleton shirt for all of the crafty Halloqueens out there

    4. A pumpkin shirt for anyone who loves all things vintage

    5. A ghostly shirt that encourages you to leave him on read

    6. This simple tee is sure to get things spooky

    7. This punny shirt that takes a page from Taylor Swift

    8. This shirt is a wish your heart made

    9. This tee will spice up your life (or at least your wardrobe)

    10. A shirt to remind you that it's almost trick or treating season

    11. Oh my gourd, Becky! Look at her shirt!

    12. A monogrammed tee perfect for your everyday spellcasting

    13. You couldda had a bad witch with this shirt

    14. A boo-zy shirt that keeps it real

    15. Celebrate the season with this cute leafy tee

    16. It's a great t-shirt, Charlie Brown!

    17. A shirt for the leggings, leaves, and lattes lovers

    18. Keep things more minimalist with this natural pumpkin tee

    19. A shirt perfect for those long nighttime broom rides

    20. Be spellbinding in this Hocus Pocus shirt

    21. Being normal may be vastly overrated but this Halloweentown shirt isn't!

    22. Profess your love of October with this Anne of Green Gables tee

    23. Be the envy of everyone at the Hogwarts feast in this Harry Potter shirt

    24. Let everyone know you're basic and you know it with this PSL inspired tee

    25. And finally, kick it old school with this jack-o'-lantern eyelash shirt