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    Marilyn Monroe's Past Lovers-Fact Check

    A popular retail fashion site recently posted a blog detailing Marilyn Monroe's past lovers. Unfortunately, it contained numerous factual errors that only serve to defame Marilyn. Here is the truth. by Marijane Gray for Immortal Marilyn

    1. Marilyn Monroe--a Lesbian? FALSE

    2. Marilyn and Dean Martin--- FALSE.

    3. Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio--TRUE

    4. Marilyn and Anton Lavey--FALSE

    5. Marilyn and James Dougherty--TRUE

    6. Marilyn and Sam Shaw---FALSE

    7. Marilyn and Marlon Brando---PARTIALLY TRUE

    8. Marilyn and 'Married Kennedy Men'---FALSE

    9. Marilyn and 'Married Kennedy Men'--MOSTLY FALSE

    10. Marilyn and Arthur Miller--TRUE

    11. Marilyn and Frank Sinatra---TRUE

    12. Marilyn and Joan Crawford--FALSE

    13. Marilyn and Brigitte Bardot--FALSE

    14. Marilyn and Tony Curtis---FALSE

    15. Marilyn and Joe Schenck--FALSE

    16. Marilyn and Yul Brynner---FALSE

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