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    Marilyn Monroe Selected Bibliography

    Marilyn Monroe is the most written about actress in the world. From the first books in the 1950’s to the present the list is endless and new books are published all the time. This is not always a good thing as the quality of books often becomes poor depending on the knowledge and agenda of the person writing the book. Here is a collection of carefully chosen titles that bring you the very best Marilyn Monroe biographies of the past sixty years. This is my perfect Ten! by Fraser Penney for Immortal Marilyn

    1. Will Acting Spoil Marilyn Monroe? (1956)

    2. Marilyn Monroe (1961)

    3. The Films of Marilyn Monroe (1964)

    4. Norma Jean (1969)

    5. Marilyn A Very Personal Story (1974)

    6. My Story (1974)

    7. Marilyn Monroe Private And Undisclosed (2007)

    8. Fragments (2010)

    9. Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis (2011)

    10. Marilyn In Fashion (2012)

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