imjustcreative Graham is Logo & identity designer and works from his home studio, based in a small south coast seaside town in England. As well as earning an honest wage designing logos to pay the mortgage and feed his dog Dylan, he also writes a number of a...
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  • Hey Mr Random Drunk Man, Awight?

    This chap been doing this for at least 10 minutes before I decided to whip my iPhone out and video it. Should add I have no idea who this person is. You can see a bit of paper in his arms, that was thrown there by the lady who you see walking to him to pick it up. Only to throw it back and hit him on his head. he did wake up, sort of, and smiled. Then dozed off again. After I had finished videoing other people started playing ‘dare games’ Mr Sleepy Head, all very good taste. Well, it was funny at the time, guess you had to be there. Watch Video ›

  • Sebastien Buemi Escapes 200mph Crash in Shanghai

    Sebastien Buemi escaped unhurt after the front wheels flew off his Toro Rosso car in a dramatic crash during Chinese Grand Prix practice. The Swiss, 21, careered off the track at the end of the long back straight, where cars are doing about 194mph.

  • Symbiosis: A Font Grown from E. Coli

    Dezeen reports that Dutch designer Jelte van Abbema won the €10,000 Rado Prize at the Dutch Design Awards last week for a body of work including Symbiosis - a font printed in bacteria. Van Abbema printed this font on paper (see above) and billboards, creating “simple typographic forms that changed colour and form as the bacteria multiplied and then died”.

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