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19 Reasons Wedding Season Is Basically Hell On Earth

The best use of a time machine would be to entirely skip this awful time of the year.

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First and foremost, fuck the wedding season.

It's basically the crappiest, most overly glorified time of the year, and should be skipped entirely.


6. The contents of this small talk range from their genuine shock at you having "become so tall" since 1993...


Haha one would think you'd get the biological process of human growth by 60, aunty, but one is so damn wrong.


8. And the kids. The screaming, noisy little spawns of Satan at every wedding venue.

Oh so "he's crying because his bedtime is at nine," well, you shouldn't have brought your unstable n00b baby to the wedding then.


16. There are literally 6,45,000 frikkin ceremonies just so one couple can bump uglies on a regular basis without parental judgment.

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