A DC Comic Called Pakistan’s Language “Pakistanian” And Twitter Is Having A Field Day

A five-second Google search could have prevented this.

1. Pakistani comic book enthusiast Khaver Siddiqi just tweeted this photo from DC Comics’ recent release Superman/Wonderwoman Annual #2.

2. There’s only one little GLARING issue with the comic: “Pakistanian” is not a language.

DC Comics / Via Khaver Siddiqi

“My friend @Takhalus found it and shared it on a sci-fi geek Twitter group DM. I just had to buy the comic and read it myself to confirm,” Siddiqi told BuzzFeed. “I’m not offended at being called Pakistanian — I’m just offended that nobody had the time to do one Google search. That’s all. Spoiled the story for me,” he said.

3. “The scene’s set-up is basically some bad guy attacks villagers,” Siddiqi explains.

DC Comics / Via Khaver Siddiqi

4. Predictably, people are taking the mickey.

@Disappearer Pakistanian is very difficult to translate.

— Khaver Siddiqi (@thekarachikid)

I always thought 'Pakistanian' was such a beautiful language #DC #PointsForResearchTeam https://t.co/aG4wJb4Tux

— qasim rishi (@qasimrishi)

"Pakistanian" I gtg

— . (@fxtimamirzx)

9. The scene is set in the village of Shimshal, Northern Pakistan.

DC Comics / Via Khaver Siddiqi

“It makes it all the more funny that they decided to set the scene in a place even I, as a Pakistani, had to look up on Google. But they couldn’t perform a simple Google search for the language,” Siddiqi complained.

10. DC, please.

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Imaan Sheikh is a writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Dubai.
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