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A DC Comic Called Pakistan's Language "Pakistanian" And Twitter Is Having A Field Day

A five-second Google search could have prevented this.

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Pakistani comic book enthusiast Khaver Siddiqi just tweeted this photo from DC Comics' recent release Superman/Wonderwoman Annual #2.

Here's why @Marvel is winning over @DCComics - the latter thinks we speak Pakistanian. h/t @takhalus

There's only one little GLARING issue with the comic: "Pakistanian" is not a language.

DC Comics / Via Khaver Siddiqi

"My friend @Takhalus found it and shared it on a sci-fi geek Twitter group DM. I just had to buy the comic and read it myself to confirm," Siddiqi told BuzzFeed. "I'm not offended at being called Pakistanian — I'm just offended that nobody had the time to do one Google search. That's all. Spoiled the story for me," he said.


Predictably, people are taking the mickey.

PAKISTANIAN! Fantastic. Someone teach me that too.

@Disappearer Pakistanian is very difficult to translate.

I always thought 'Pakistanian' was such a beautiful language #DC #PointsForResearchTeam

The scene is set in the village of Shimshal, Northern Pakistan.

DC Comics / Via Khaver Siddiqi

"It makes it all the more funny that they decided to set the scene in a place even I, as a Pakistani, had to look up on Google. But they couldn't perform a simple Google search for the language," Siddiqi complained.


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