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21 Regrettable Fashion Choices Every Indian Girl Made In The 2000s

Can I find my colourful plastic hair beads so I can burn them to the ground?

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2. Plastering braids with these coloured beads.

Filmkraft Productions (I) Pvt. Ltd. / Via Imaan Sheikh

If awkward, non age-appropriate braiding wasn't enough, we decided to throw on some rainbow-ass hair beads too. Not even going to TOUCH on the noodly spiral ones.

3. Wearing coloured sunglasses that were 0% useful for protecting your eyes from the sun.


Who did these flatter? If they can't even look good on frikkin' Kareena, what the fuck was I thinking when I bought purple ones?

7. Wearing the worst fusion of desi clothing of known human history.

Puja Entertainment Ltd. / Via

Not sure if jeans has been bastardised, or if the kameez has been bastardised, but everything is wrong. Burning every picture of self from this time.

Dishonourable mentions: Glitter tattoos, body henna, choker necklaces, wooden sandals, velvet and corduroy pants, silver and gold emblazoned T-shirts.