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    Indian Men And Women Were Asked What Women Want, And Their Answers Contrasted Completely

    Let's do everyone a favour and drop the guesswork on what you think women want.

    It is no surprise that patriarchy is alive and thriving in India. The film industry, newspapers, advertising, all often add to stereotypes about women and normalising inequality and violence against them. Here's what women want, according to the media.

    Frame Her Right / Via

    To explore the effects this bombardment of close-minded notions and perpetuation of stereotypes has on Indians, YouTube channel Frame Her Right asked men what they think women REALLY want.

    Frame Her Right / Via

    And then, a bunch of individuals ~slightly more experienced~ in knowing the needs and wants of women, answered the same question:

    Frame Her Right / Via

    Their responses could not have been more different.

    In an email, the campaign manager for #FrameHerRight, Ankita Khare, told BuzzFeed, "The responses prove that the media has to move beyond "chocolates and diamonds" next time they produce a "What do women want" piece. [It is] time they #FrameHerRight and act more responsibly. And next time, don't assume, just go ask an Indian woman."

    Watch the full video here to see why it's a bad idea to guess and speculate what women want:

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