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17 People Every Indian Kid Hated As A Child

Warning: Mostly nightmare fuel.

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2. Shanti and Pratap from King Uncle

Why they sucked: This orphanage-running asshole duo hated kids and spent all the charity money on themselves. They beat up, tortured, and even kidnapped some of them. Fuck these guys.

3. Raj from Koi... Mil Gaya

Filmkraft Productions

Why he sucked: Because that's all he did. He sucked. He treated Nisha wrong and he was a HUUUUGE bully. Plus, he broke Rohit's scooty which should singlehandedly put him in this list.


4. Ranjit Rai from Ishq

Baba Films

Why he sucked: Oh my god, everything about him was sinister; from his starched white clothes to his ACTUAL ATTEMPTS TO KILL TWO YOUNG, INNOCENT, AND UNDERPRIVILEGED HUMANS.

5. Tiger from Judwaa

Nadiadwala Grandsons Entertainment

Why he sucked: Despite his villainous ways, the tune of his flute was disturbingly eerie, and it will still make you feel some kind of way if you hear it.

6. Neeta from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

Filmkraft Productions (I) Pvt. Ltd. / Via Imaan Sheikh

Why she sucked: Neeta was probably the most annoying sonofabitch I've ever seen in a movie, period.


7. Komolika from Kasautii Ziindagi Kay


Why she sucked: Because Komolika was mean girl level 9000. Any time you walked in on your mom watching TV, you saw this grey-eyed devil with a super negative aura stirring some shit. To this day, it's hard to see Urvashi Dholakia in a good light because of cunning Komolika.


8. Angelica from Rugrats


Why she sucked: She was basically an animated, child version of Komolika. She severely put every other baby's life in danger, which was even more horrible because they were much younger than her.

9. Maya from Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke

T V Films

Why she sucked: Maya was the epitome of evil and smugness. Constantly condescended everyone and hated on Rahul's orphaned niece and nephews. When her wedding plans with Rahul didn't work out, she and her dad decided to AUCTION OFF THE DUDE'S HOUSE WOW.

Orphaned little children lived there, HELLO??

11. Mr. Saxena from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

Filmkraft Productions (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Why he sucked: What the hell kind of dad kills his daughter's harmless, newly successful boyfriend? But screw that, who TF in their right mind kills someone who looks like Hrithik Roshan???

Do you remember how adorable he was? Yes, his double role (Raj) made everything better but I, personally, am still mourning the scarring loss of Rohit


12. The devil from the Onida ad


Why he sucked: Excuse me, HE IS LITERALLY THE DEVIL. Look at this terrifying motherfucker tryna creep up from behind a weird web, WTF? Why is he selling technology???


13. Him from The Powerpuff Girls

Why he sucked: He was the evilest of evil, the cruelest of cruel, the creepiest villain on Cartoon Network. He would walk around in pink fur and heels, but then he did shit like set fire to small beings, lick people randomly, and take baths with rubber duckies...

*Wets bed*

14. These guys from Raju Chacha

Ajay Devgn Films

Why they sucked: These horrible men did not give a shit about people dying at all, so long as they got money. Not only that, they MURDERED their own kind-hearted brother-in-law, who was always freaking awesome to them. THEY ORPHANED THREE ADORABLE KIDS IN THE PROCESS.

15. Makdee the witch from Makdee

Percept Picture Company

Why she sucked: Oh, you know, she just looked like she was made of ash, had claws for hands, and COLLECTED anyone who walked into her mansion and locked them up in a room, no big deal.

16. Mogambo from Mr. India

Narsimha Enterprises

Why he sucked: Mogambo is celebrated as one of Bollywood's most iconic villains. However, the facts that he killed a little girl, and that his soldiers would rather jump in pools of acid than disagree with him was too damn scary. Remember that scene?

The soldiers were very Nazi-like and yelled out "Heil Mogambo!" before having their flesh melted, which is disturbing to me even as an adult.

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