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    22 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25 That'll Make Them Love You Forever

    It doesn't have to cost a lot to mean a lot.

    1. A daily journal that'll last them five whole years! They can write down anything special about their day — big or small — and keep that memory forever. It's probably going to start with a note about you giving them this awesome gift.

    2. A pack of fizzy and naturally-scented bath bombs that'll make bath time an extra luxurious and de-stressing experience for them. They're a bestseller and come packed in an elegant box, so you won't have to work extra hard on making your gift presentable.

    3. A handheld electric frother that'll help them make the most luxurious homemade beverages ever. It makes any ordinary cappuccino taste and look like cafe quality!

    4. A double-sided eyeliner pen that makes eyeliner application so much easier and faster, they'll save a ton of time getting ready. It lets them stamp on a wing with one end, and line their eye with the other.

    5. A heavy-duty metal herb grinder, for if they really like to bake and relax at home... with herbs... if you know what I mean. This is truly the kind of cool and useful gift your Valentine deserves.

    6. A very elaborate magnetic repair tool kit that'll help them fix everything — from crooked glasses and gaming consoles to phones and laptops! It has 117 pieces, so it's pretty much guaranteed to fit all kinds of screws.

    7. A screaming goat that lets out a series of high-pitched bleats when they press on it. It can make for a quirky addition to their work desk, or be used to summon you whenever they want your attention. Happy BAAAAA-lentine's Day, amirite?

    8. A cream-coloured acrylic infinity scarf that's understated and perfectly weather appropriate. Winter is here, and this cozy and cute scarf is a great way for you to give your warmth to them (literally) wherever they go.

    9. An unscented beard oil and comb kit that'll give them the facial mane of their (and your 😉) dreams. It conditions hair AND stimulates thicker hair growth, so their beard will look sharper and more luscious than ever.

    10. A pair of bestselling rose gold leaf earrings that are sure to charm their heart in an instant. They can wear the stud by itself for a minimalist look, or add the ear jacket for added sparkly and romantic vibes for your date night.

    11. A babydoll and panty set with adjustable straps and an open back that's more a gift to yourself than them, because they'll be looking like a whole snack in this!

    12. A water-resistant Bluetooth shower speaker that'll make sudsy time a lot more entertaining for them. If they're the kind of person who absolutely needs to listen to music or their fave podcast while soaping up, this gift is perfect for their morning singalongs.

    13. A set of magical makeup brushes that'll be the object of every muggle's envy! If your partner is a Potterhead and loves makeup, what are you waiting for? Most reviewers bought it as a gift and reported that the recipient was over the moon!

    14. Or a Hogwarts house-themed tie, so they can discreetly bring the whimsy of their favourite childhood franchise to work and lift their mood up in boring meetings.

    15. A Burt's Bees skin care gift set, so they can stay supple all winter long. It has five products that will leave them moisturized and soft like a baby's butt.

    16. A heart-shaped box of Lindt chocolate that says "I love you" in the most classical of ways. If your partner appreciates a little old-school charm, what better way to demonstrate it than giving them delicious chocolate truffles?

    17. A set of six kitty coasters, for if your partner loves cats and decor. These adorable kittens will protect their precious coffee table 'til the end.

    18. Some chilling rock cubes that will keep their drink frosty without diluting it. These are especially great for chilling unrefrigerated white wine, which people tend to not ice because of the diluted, watery taste.

    19. An elegant, gilded photo frame that'll stand out anywhere. Slip in one of your most memorable photos to make this extra special.

    20. A pair of trendy, round sunnies so they can block out the sun AND the haters on a daily basis, while looking fly and fresh off the runway.

    21. A deck of affirmation cards specially designed for love and relationships. These will brighten even their darkest days with hope and happiness. You can leave one of these little cards in their desk, in their lunch bag, or in their car for a cute little surprise dose of affirmation, too!

    22. And lastly, some fruity lube to set the mood. This water-based formula is safe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, and tastes like sweet strawberries, so both of you can have a delicious time.

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