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    52 Galentine's Day Gifts For Your Best Friend

    For all the besties in your life!

    1. A deck of Golden Girls playing cards they'll love if they're a fan of the iconic television show. Each character represents a different suit in the deck of cards and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful. This stack of cards will look so much cuter than a traditional deck.

    2. A pack of gel pens with adorable cat faces on the lids. They have an ultra fine tip and write like an absolute dream. Plus, the ink dries quickly, so it won't smudge or bleed on their paper.

    3. A bestselling calligraphy book that'll help them improve their writing and learn the art form of fancy lettering. It's a beginner's guide and has 15 in-book writing projects, so they can get all the practice they need!

    4. A milk and cookie shot maker for the bestie with a not-so-secret sweet tooth. The kit includes a silicone mould to form the cookie, and a chocolate melting pot to line the inside. They can play around with recipe by including other ingredients like marshmallows or icing and enjoy a much needed sugar rush.

    5. A pack of extra-moisturizing sheet masks they'll want around for their next spa day. Each one is equal to half a bottle of hydrating serum and has a special ingredient to treat different skin types, including green tea for oily skin and chamomile for sensitive skin.

    6. An adorable crossbody bag that looks like an actual dinosaur. It's made of soft faux leather and is big enough to store all their essentials, making it the perfect bag for any occasion.

    7. A beautifully-illustrated greeting card for the friend who loves rosé. Handwritten cards may be old-fashioned, but they're also one of the best things to receive in the mail, especially for Galentine's Day.

    8. Or a set of cute Galentine's Day cards that'll show your closest friends how much you appreciate them. The cards range from sweet to sassy, so you can choose one that accurately reflects your relationship and humour.

    9. A set of matching bracelets for the bestie that lives far away. They have a minimalist design that'll complement any outfit and they're made with onyx and howlite to ward off negative energy and encourage calmness.

    10. A super-matte liquid lipstick that'll last them ALL day. Seriously, the pigment is so rich, they're going to need an oil-based makeup remover to get it off. There are a variety of bold, eye-catching shades that will suit their ever-changing makeup mood.

    11. A tiny Caboodle case that’ll store and organize all their beauty essentials and induce a bit of '90s nostalgia. There are five spacious compartments and a compact mirror inside. Plus, the lid stays snapped shut, making it the perfect makeup case to travel with!

    12. A box of beautiful bath bombs, for the person who believes no bath is complete without them. Each bath bomb will fill their tub with blend of fruity and floral scents that'll soothe their sense and a mix of essential oils to help you relax.

    13. A set of cute magnets that'll make any Mean Girls fan say, "so fetch!" They have the most hilarious and iconic lines from the movie written on them and come with a mini Burn Book with quotes and images from the film.

    14. A fun adult colouring book that’s filled with a bunch of hilarious and honest sayings you've both probably said before. Not only are you giving them the gift of laughter, but you'll also treat them to a night of relaxation.

    15. A portable photo printer that'll turn the pictures on their phone or digital camera into tiny, wallet-sized prints. They can send their favourite pictures on social media to the printer using Bluetooth and add fun filters using the HP Sprocket app.

    16. A set of transparent coasters for the person that loves to take instant photos. They're made of tempered glass and will transform their pictures into a set of useful and personalized coasters.

    17. A pair of adorable pearl earrings that'll add a little extra cattitude to their outfit. These minimalist studs are the purrfect earring choice for cat lovers everywhere.

    18. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. This unique blend of sweet honey and spicy chili peppers is so delicious, you'll want to put on everything!

    19. A beautifully-illustrated book set that'll be the perfect gift for a bookworm who loves literary classic like Anne of Green Gables and Little Women. This chic book collection is something they'll want to keep forever. It will look so good on their bookshelf that there are zero chances of them lending the books to friends and family.

    20. A tiny pendant necklace with their zodiac constellation and two crystal accents on it. It's simple but stylish design makes it a great piece of jewelry to wear every day. Plus, it's nickel free and gold plated, making it safe for people with sensitive skin.

    21. A letter writing set that is so cute, they'll want to send snail mail instead of emails. There are eight different styles of paper and each come with a matching envelope and a sticker to seal the letter.

    22. An ultra-soft facecloth that'll remove all their makeup with water, and that's it. This cloth is a great alternative to face wash or cleansing oil that'll take up more space in their luggage. Plus, they can easily wash it by hand when it gets dirty.

    23. A revolving makeup organizer that is the beauty equivalent of Cher Horowitz's closet. It's a great gift for any beauty lover, and it'll save them a ton of space, too! The shelves are also adjustable, so they can accommodate all of their makeup and skincare products.

    24. A talking Good Advice Cupcake that'll spout sassy and inspirational words of wisdom at the touch of a button. It has eight hilarious catchphrases that'll improve anyone's mood, and comes with 48-page flip book of adorable illustrations.

    25. A jar of unicorn snot, because we know glitter makes everything better! This lip gloss and body glitter duo has an otherworldly holographic glow and comes off easily with makeup remover or baby wipes. BTW, it's vegan and cruelty free!

    26. A cooling jade roller and Gua Sha massager that'll release all the tension from their face and promote relaxation. They don't have to believe in the power of crystals to use these amazing facial tools. Together, the jade roller and Gua Sha tools will create an ultra-calming massage duo.

    27. A set of minimalist huggie hoops, so they can create a perfectly curated ear. They probably have (or really, really want) multiple ear piercings, and these gold hoops are a great way to try out the stacked earrings trend.

    28. A rustic-looking felt letter board that they can use as a stylish piece of home decor or as an Insta-worthy prop in their next social media photo session.

    29. A sturdy universal phone mount that'll clip to their bed, desk, or breakfast tray, so they don't have to hold up their phone while they watch TV or video chat.

    30. A super tiny wallet that has a special compartment for their cellphone and a shoulder strap to wear it as a purse. It’s the perfect hands-free bag, with a separate space for their cards and money.

    31. A light ring attachment that'll fit all their devices, so they can shine bright like a diamond in all their selfies. It has three brightness levels and comes with a remote, so they can capture pictures and videos from up to 30 feet away.

    32. A portable Bluetooth speaker that's ALL about that bass (and treble)! They'll appreciate the impressive bass port that remains rich and clear, even at full volume. And the battery will last up to 15 hours on a single charge, so they can party all night long!

    33. A pack of adorable sushi-themed socks that come in their own takeout box. Each pair is folded in a unique way to resemble a different Japanese delicacy. Plus, they're made of cotton, so they're comfortable, breathable, and oh-so soft!

    34. A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses that are both oversized and over the top, which are two things they look for when they're shopping for shades. These ones have a vintage feel to them, but also look like an IRL version of the heart-eye emoji 😍.

    35. An extra-large tortilla blanket that'll transform them into the human-sized burrito they've always dreamed of being. The tortilla texture is digitally printed on a soft microfibre blanket that feels as good as it looks.

    36. A set of super-cute enamel pins that'll brighten up their backpack or denim jacket. They each come with a little butterfly clasp, making it easier to put them on and take them off fabric.

    37. A three-dimensional DIY scrapbook box you can fill with photos and messages to create a thoughtful and personal gift. You can design and customize every inch of this card stock box, and even tuck a few small items into the smaller box at the center for an extra special surprise!

    38. A cute cat mug that'll radiate Caturday vibes every time they take a sip. It comes with a small kitty-shaped spoon to stir their coffee. It’s basically purrrrfect!

    39. A pack of colourful pencils that'll shower your bestie with all the compliments they deserve. Each pencil has a different saying and come pre-sharpened, so they can use them ~write~ away.

    40. A pair of fluffy suede slippers that'll make them feel like they're walking on air. Everyone needs a pair of sensible house slippers to wear at home, and these ones are not only super cute, but mega comfy, too. They're lined with extra-cushy memory foam and soft faux fur that'll surround their feet with warmth.

    41. A super-cool neon light that'll add a colourful glow to their home decor. It comes with a base and it's completely cordless, so they're free to place it anywhere they'd like.

    42. A fill-in-the-blank journal dedicated to your best friend. Complete the book and then send it to your BFF as a gift they'll treasure forever.

    43. A pack of small padded envelopes that you can fill with carefully curated products you know they'll love. If your friend loves subscription boxes, this is the perfect gift for them. Your bestie box will come second to none, because no one knows your BFF better than you do.

    44. A hanging photo display, so they can create a collage on their wall. They can mount it in their bedroom and hang an assortment of pictures, postcards, and other mementos that remind them of you!

    45. Or a pair of grid panels that'll turn their wall into a DIY bulletin board or photo wall. The grid design has a clean, minimalist aesthetic, and comes with clips, so they can hang up their favourite photos, notes, and other knickknacks.

    46. A set of dreamy watercolour washi tape to decorate literally everything in their lives. It's thin, but super durable and can stick to just about anything. And although the tape is sticky, it's easy to remove, so it won't leave behind a gooey residue.

    47. A set of tiny heart-shaped erasers that are reminiscent of the edible candy necklaces and colourful friendship bracelets of your youth. Also, they smell like strawberries! Each heart is an eraser, including the half-heart pendant that links you and your best friend forever.

    48. A Friends T-shirt with the iconic theme song lyrics printed on it. They'll like it because they're fan of the show, but they'll LOVE it because it's made with a blend of cotton that's durable, stretchy, and oh-so soft!

    49. A do-it-yourself craft that'll turn a bunch of colourful strings into a personalized friendship bracelet for you or your bestie! It's a true bonding experience to stay up all night and make an armful of string bracelets with your friends, and you probably still have a couple that you've held onto after all these years.