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    18 Moments You'll Never Forget If You've Been A Lilly "Superwoman" Singh Fan Since The Early Days

    Ride-or-die unicorns, this is for you.

    1. You vividly remember her ~totally hot~ official music video for "I'm Ill" long before "#LEH" was around.

    2. And the time when other actors played the parents in her videos, instead of Lilly herself.

    3. When she perfectly summed up brown weddings in jhumkas and shades.

    4. Her "Shit Punjabi Mothers Say" video came out and you watched it like 50 times.

    5. And honestly, she helped you brush on up on Punjabi.

    6. You remember when she started introducing her sweet Nana Ji to us all.

    7. You fell in love with her moves in her hilarious Bollywood musical "I'm Single".

    8. She did the Hrithik shuffle while explaining to you why Bollywood is evil, and you totally bought it.

    9. You saw Humble and Lilly in a video for the first time and immediately shipped them.

    10. You went "OMG YES" when you realised she shares your exact rage for annoying moviegoers.

    11. Remember when she made a super honest video calling out parents unaccepting of their gay children?

    12. You remember mastering the ||Superwoman|| sign because you've been a loyal member of the Unicorn gang for years.

    13. Both her guides to brown girls understood your soul.

    14. And then Lilly went savage commando and made an accurate AF guide to guys.

    15. She made her first "Types of ____ people" video and it became the best format ever.

    16. If you've hung around long enough, you've even seen that Lilz is more than comedy, dance, and music.

    17. You've loved her since she was a kiddo in her childhood bedroom and you're so proud of her for owning her own Lillypad.

    18. And you've watched her go from a "22-year-old CEO" to a big time cultural phenomenon.

    Keep being you, Lilly ||Superwoman|| Singh.