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    21 Oct 2016

    Facebook Is Translating A Hindi Expletive To “Muslim” And Needs To Get Its Shit Together

    Hitting "See Translation" on the Hindi text will leave you pretty disgusted.

    In a seriously horrifying bug, Facebook's translation option has been translating "Madarchod" (Hindi for "motherfucker") to "Muslim".


    After the bug sparked discussion on 4chan, ScoopWhoop writer Supriyo Mukherjee confirmed it by posting the status "Maro madarchod" ("Die motherfucker") and it was reported on the website.

    We tried it for extra, extra confirmation, and sure enough, the Islamophobic translation was what came up.


    To further confirm that it isn't just a combination of the words "maro" and "madarchod", we ran a search for the latter word, and it still translated to "Muslim".


    BuzzFeed has reached out to Facebook about the bug and is currently awaiting a response

    H/t ScoopWhoop.


    The bug has been fixed by Facebook. "The translation of posts happens using an automated system. Our translations team looked into the issue, and in this case found a bug in the way our system filters profanity that caused a portion of the post to be translated incorrectly. The team has corrected the translation, and is actively working on new ways to ensure that bad translations like this happen as infrequently as possible," their statement read.

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