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    24 Things Every Snack Lover Probably Needs In Their Life Right Now

    Chilling at home with my Netflix 'n' snacks.

    1. A jar of Lindt milk chocolate and hazelnut spread that's a surefire hit — who doesn't want chocolate spread??? Reviewers love that, unlike other spreads, this one doesn't have palm oil. Some even say it's the best chocolate-hazelnut spread they've ever tried.

    2. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey you can drizzle over your munchies of choice (and into drinks!) to give 'em a burst of sweet and spicy flavour. Everything's getting a delicious makeover.

    3. Or a bottle of fancy-shmancy habanero hot sauce, if you prefer things super hot. It's a fancy upgrade from your regular hot sauce, and it's Canadian-made, too!

    4. A layered bowl that lets you separate food waste from your snack AND works as a phone mount. Cherry pits, nutshells, seed peels, or orange rinds — the lower layer can be used to collect the inedible stuff, all while you enjoy your favourite show.

    5. Some crunchy BBQ lentils that make for an exceptional plant-based and protein-packed snack. They're flavoursome AND rich in fibre, and you might up liking them more than potato chips.

    6. A set of reusable toaster bags, because grilled cheese sammies are top-tier stuff, but a little messy to make. Just slip the whole sandwich in a bag and let the cheese get gooey in your toaster. In no time, you'll be ready for a crispy, mess-free treat.

    7. A food dehydrator, so you can make jerky, banana chips, crispy green beans, mango slices, dried mushrooms and herbs, and so much more! It's perfect for making high-nutrient, low-calorie snacks that are free of preservatives and added sugar and salt, so you can a punch of totally natural flavours.

    8. A soft serve maker that will help you create yummy vegan and dairy-free alternatives to ice cream, froyo, and sorbet. Most ice cream makers come with a large barrel to make enough ice cream for a whole family, but this handy, non-bulky device will give you exactly the amount of dessert you want.

    9. If you love trying cool international snacks, this box of popular Japanese snacks may be the stuff of your dreams! The best part? It's mostly candy.

    10. This single sandwich maker that'll help you make custom sandwiches for yourself and everyone at home. Layer whatever ingredients you're craving, and you’ll have a scrumptious and filling snack in just a few minutes.

    11. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that'll make easy work of pitting, scooping, AND evenly slicing an avocado, so you can whip up some quick guac to go with your nachos or toast.

    12. A ten-piece set of airtight containers that'll help you store candy, biscuits, chips, nuts, and seeds in a more organized and space-conserving way, so you never bite into a bone-dry cookie or a flimsy potato chip.

    13. A set of funky porcelain bowls that'll create a gorgeous, colourful spread of snacks for your or the whole family. Serve fresh fruit in these in style!

    14. A powerful bullet blender with just enough capacity to make a large smoothie or slushie. You'll be able to whip up beverages and blend a quick soup, without having to pull out (and wash) a big, jug-style blender.

    15. A hot air popper, so you can make a classic movie snack in minutes. You don't need oil or butter to make it, but the spoon tray on the top can melt butter while the kernels pop for a delicious drizzle.

    16. And while you're at it, grab this Movie Night popcorn set to take your snack to the next level. It has three kinds of kernels and five premium seasonings that'll probably make everyone at home more interested in eating than what's on screen.

    17. A couple of apple-shaped freshness maintainers for anyone who loves snacking on fresh fruit. They'll extend the storage life of your favourite healthy nom-noms, so every bite is crisp and juicy and you don't feel guilty about not using up your produce in a week.

    18. An air fryer, so you can make some chicken nuggets or curly fries without using extra oil. Plus, it comes with a cookbook that has 50 air fryer recipes, meaning you won't have to turn to Google for options and answers.

    19. A handheld electric frother that will give you the most luxurious homemade beverages ever. It makes any ordinary hot cocoa or cappuccino look and taste like cafe quality, so you won't have to leave the house for a cuppa.

    20. A condiment fork that'll let you fish for pickles without having to get a fork and have a briny struggle. We are NO LONGER sneakily sticking our fingers all up in the jar for a late-night salty snack.

    21. A snack catcher for kids that'll keep food from spilling out. It has soft flaps on the top that act like a valve, so your child can reach into the container to retrieve food, but the food has no way of getting out. If you’re tired of finding a wealth of potato chips on the floor, this will definitely help.

    22. A jar of smooth almond butter that tastes absolutely dreamy. It's made in a peanut-free facility, so if you have a peanut allergy, have no fear! The butter is packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin E, so your body will love it, too.

    23. A jar of chipotle mayonnaise, so you can experience the best of both worlds with your snack wrap, fries, or toast. This savoury condiment combines the flavour of chipotle peppers in adobo with rich notes of cumin, garlic, tomato.

    24. And lastly, a beautiful foldable table for two to enjoy some wine and snacks. There's a hole that fits the wine bottle, two ridged circles to place your glasses, and a tray space for cheese, olives, crackers, cured meats, or nuts. It's perfect for a little backyard date in the spring.

    Sit back and enjoy a snack!

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