14 Adorable Craft Projects That'll Make Your Room Cooler And Take Less Than An Hour To Do

    Now you know what to do on your lazy weekend.

    1. Recycle an old CD and make it a diya or tealight candle stand.

    2. Make a bunch of adorable custom cushions to spruce up your bed or couch.

    3. Make glittery jars to decorate your shelf.

    4. Or you can make a super easy-candle filter using a woven wristband or lace.

    5. Make a bouquet of woollen dandelions to match your room theme.

    6. Play around with your choice of stick-on gems to make "rearrangeable rangoli ".

    7. Make a this quote frame and slip in your favourite words in it every week.

    8. Or make a large reflective picture frame with broken CDs.

    9. Make cute puffy-paint Mason jars to spice up your storage.

    10. Use your henna skills to bring life to plain, boring candles.

    11. Make a cute colour-blocked make-up/stationery organiser.

    12. You only need a pair of scissors to make this hanging paper lantern.

    13. Make virtually ANYTHING the background of a wall clock.

    14. And show off your love for animals by make this thread-and-nail wall piece. 🐶

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