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21 Spectacular Indian Thalis That Will Help You Get Over Your Ex

WARNING: Food porn ahead.

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1. Did your ex have so many things to offer?

Nah? Thought so.

2. Were they so uncontainably hot?

Not even microwavable.

3. If you liked something, did they make sure you give it to you several times?

Not really, yeah? Thali will.

4. Did they look yummy even when messy?

This thali #wokeuplikethis.

5. Were they available when you needed them, every time?

You know who to call... The South Indian place around the corner.

6. Were they bright and irresistibly appealing?

Not as much as this thali.

7. Were they this hot AND this sweet?

Severely lacking.

8. Were they this presentable?

Bet they paled in comparison with a good thali.

9. Did they have bling?

Much like this thali? Nah-awh.
Mukesh-kumar / Getty Images

Much like this thali? Nah-awh.

10. Were they impeccably healthy and wholesome?

Just sit down and think about it.

11. Did they cover all your needs?

Like this one chapati covers all these katoris?

12. Were they clean and organised?

Can't beat this thali though, I bet.
Paul_brighton / Getty Images

Can't beat this thali though, I bet.

13. Was meeting them a breath of fresh air every time?

Well, meeting this thali of mukhwaas would be so.

14. Did they look at you so lovingly?

Like a beautiful thali does, facing you up?

15. Did they care about the environment?

Maybe, but this thali is definitely going greener than your ex.

16. Did they ever look like they wanted to give you their everything?

Thali. Thali will give you everything it's got.

17. Were they fucking delicious like to a completely mental extent?

Just compare the two. Take out some time and compare.

18. Were they the cutest no matter which mood they were in?

So many katoris. So much love.
Mukesh-kumar / Getty Images

So many katoris. So much love.

19. Did they host parties exclusively for you?

This oval thali is a party. Just for you.

20. Were they generous?

As this thali is? Literally offering more than it actually contains?

21. Long story short, nobody needs love when you've got a thali.

😍 😍 😍