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9 Clever Ways To Exploit Stupid-Ass Social Stigma

Let society fall in its own trap.

1. Not religious? Best excuse to excuse yourself: Menstruation.

2. In fact, avoid all work using the stigma around your monthly gift.

3. You can also exploit menstrual stigma to teach men lessons and to eat more junk food.

4. Show off more skin ~sanskaarily~ without the elders being pissed about it.

5. Don't want aunties to suggest unwarranted rishtas? Dispel their version of "beautiful".

6. Don't feel like getting dolled up for guests? Get technical.

7. Go to a dinner party and don't come home the whole night.

8. Use this clever trick to never wear a bra again.

9. And remember; talking to boys is shameless and wrong. Just use signs.