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Here Are All The Indian Women In Forbes' Under-30 Achievers List

Just another day, changin' the world.

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Forbes released its annual 30-under-30 list of young achievers described as a variety of "bright entrepreneurs, breakout talents and change agents". 45 of these change-makers have Indian origin. Here are the nine Indian women who made it.

1. Karishma Shah, 25

Karishma Shah

Karishma is the youngest hire at Alphabet's Google X's Moonshot Factory. She's their Rapid Evaluation Program Manager. Here she stands with a model of Google X's driverless car.

3. Divya Nettimi, 29

Divya Nettimi / Via Twitter: @dnettimi

Divya is an investment analyst at American hedge fund Viking Global Investors. She has also worked at Goldman Sach's. According to her Forbes bio, she co-managed Harvard Business School's Alpha Fund while getting her MBA.


8. Sampriti Bhattacharya, 28

Robohub / Via

Sampriti, an MIT grad, is the creator of Hydroswarm, a smart drone platform for underwater data collection. They drones are capable of monitoring oil spills, lost airplanes, and other activities in the ocean.

9. Mugdha Gokhale, 29

Mugdha Gokhale / Via

Mugdha is a drug safety researcher doing her PhD at University of North Carolina. She's known for her work on the relation of anti-diabetics and pancreatic cancer, and has also done a bachelor's in Indian classical music.